An Unwanted Dog with No Training Saves the Life of An Accident Victim

“This German shepherd was a true hero.  And even though he was abandoned by his owners, his story captured the attention of the right person and his life changed in an amazing way.”

Shannon Loria was driving her station wagon at over 60 miles per hour when something hit her windshield which caused her to veer off the road, hit two trees, and careen at full speed down an embankment. 

When her car finally came to a rest, Shannon’s face was pressed into the airbag, she was bleeding and had other injuries. There was lots of damage to her car. The most dangerous was a fuel leak, which was creating a damp sludge under the vehicle.

Shannon was dazed and confused but knew she had to try to get out of the station wagon. Even though she was in shock, she rolled herself out of the driver’s door and began to stagger toward the back bumper, where she collapsed.

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No one saw the accident or knew she was there. Yet, despite the danger of her predicament, Shannon would not be alone for long. A German shepherd had heard the crash and somehow managed to escape his yard and then sprint to the crash scene.

Once there, the dog began to bark at Shannon and didn’t get a response. So, he began to tug on her shirt and pull her toward the road. It took a lot of strength, but the dog never gave up and slowly inched her toward the passing vehicles.

During this time, Shannon was semiconscious and only slightly aware of what was going on. But then, she began to become more aware that she was being dragged by some kind of animal and was terrified by the vision of a bear in her head.

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Eventually, she realized she had been dragged near a road and could see the traffic speeding by. Now she had a new worry.  Would she be hit by a passing car? The fear of that got her attention and she dug her feet in to stop the dog from pulling her any closer.

It was then that the dog let go and finally looked at her, so she was able to see what was actually rescuing her.  She used strength to pull herself up and managed to flag down a truck driver.

The truck driver called for help and Shannon was taken to the hospital. On the way, Shannon asked where the dog was, but no one knew what she was talking about. They thought she was talking about a person but didn’t find anyone else at the scene.

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At the hospital, she kept asking for the dog, but the staff thought it was the medication making her confused. But once that wore off, they realized that she was saved by a dog and wanted to know where it was.  

While all this was happening, the owners of the dog decided they no longer wanted it. It was picked up as a stray and when they were contacted, they declined to pick it up from the shelter. The dog’s life was also about to change forever.

When Shannon learned about the fate of the dog, she went to the shelter to visit him.  She was told the dog would most likely be euthanized. She wasn’t about to let that happen, so she went to the media to help find a home for the dog she was now calling Hero.

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Hero’s story became national news and had many people requesting to adopt him. So many in fact, that the shelter became overwhelmed by all the requests and things were not looking good for his destiny.

Then his luck changed. A call came in and Hero ended up in a search and rescue training program where he would be able to continue to save lives. We hope you enjoy this true hero story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.