German Shepherd Steals His Toy Back from An Adorable Puppy

“These two are so cute and that little puppy has no qualms about stealing toys from the big dog”

Rocky the German shepherd just wants to chill with his toys. But this adorable German shepherd puppy isn’t about to let that happen.

Rocky is taking it easy. He just wants to take a break to rest to enjoy his favorite toys. As he lays on the floor, there is a problem. An adorable puppy is determined to interfere with his break, and he seems confused about what to do about it.

The puppy is insistent about taking the toys and bothering Rocky. The cute puppy even lays down next to Rocky and takes the blue pacifier toy. At this point, Rocky sadly gazes down at his tennis ball as if he realizes that he’s been robbed of the better toy.

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The puppy continues to chew on the toy while Rocky closely watches. But then without warning, the puppy steals the tennis ball, too. Now Rocky has no toys but that isn’t going to last for long.

Rocky closely watches the puppy and then when the time is right, he goes in for the robbery. He pulls the tennis ball right out of the puppy’s jaws and takes back his treasure.

Rocky isn’t done yet. He wants to make sure the puppy gets the message that ball stealing isn’t allowed and that the tennis ball belongs to him.  So, he growls and even shows his teeth when the puppy tries to take the ball back.

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However, none of that is enough to deter the adorable puppy from trying to steal the ball back. The puppy begins to paw at the ball and act cute so that maybe he can steal the ball back. Will Rocky fall for the cute act?

Apparently, because Rocky is so distracted, he accidentally drops the ball, and the puppy quickly takes it and runs away. Now, Rocky is faced with a dilemma…will he let the cute puppy have his ball, or will he try to take it away?

After that, an adorable game of tug of war ensues. Despite Rocky acting tough, he never tries to harm the cute puppy and is always very gentle. Turns out, Rocky is nothing but a big softy and this puppy has nothing to fear except losing its grip on the ball.

These two German shepherds are adorable and sure to be best friends for life. Rocky will always have this puppy’s back. We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. As always, please share it with your friends.