This Beautiful Black German Shepherd Is Becoming An Asher House Favorite

“They love her already but that won’t stop them from finding her the perfect home if that’s what is in her best interest”

German shepherds are loyal and form very close bonds with their people. Because of this, when they’re mistreated or dumped in a shelter, they often develop behavior problems simply because they don’t do well in that type of environment.

So, when Lee of the Asher House got a call from the Tacoma Humane Society about a black German shepherd named Ronnie (she was later renamed Ray), who had been under their care for four months, he decided he wanted to help.

The reason Ray was there for so long was because she had to go to a rescue, she couldn’t be adopted out. This was because when she was found with an Anatolian Shepherd near a deceased small dog the assumption was made that they killed it.

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The Anatolian shepherd immediately went to a rescue, but no one wanted to take a chance on Ray. Was it because she was a German shepherd? Was it black dog syndrome? There is no way to know for sure, but the truth is, no one knew how the little dog died and there was no evidence that Ray killed it.

Lee Asher has a good relationship with the Tacoma shelter. He trusts their staff who vouched for Ray. They didn’t think she needed to be in a shelter because she was friendly and had done very well in playgroups with other dogs.

So, Lee decided to trust the shelter and took Ray to the Asher House. Since she’s new, Ray is a little nervous there, but he is giving her plenty of personal bonding time and getting to know what a sweet and loving dog she is.

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She loves the attention, playing in the water, and just being in a safe place with someone who cares about her. A shelter is no place for a dog like Ray and one has to wonder if a beautiful dog like her even ended up there.

There is an abundance of German shepherds in shelters right now and Ray is a lucky girl to be rescued by the Asher House. They named her after a ray of sunshine and loved her to bits. But that won’t stop them from finding her the perfect home if that turns out to be the best thing for her.

Next time you want to add a German shepherd to your home, consider contacting your local rescues and shelters. There are tons of dogs of all ages that are just waiting for someone to give them a chance to prove how much love they have to give.

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