Three Dogs Search for Their Owner in The Dark

“With night vision engaged, these pups have no trouble finding their owner in the dark”

Playing hide and seek with your German shepherd is fun. Not only does it use their mind, but it also engages their other senses, such as smell and hearing. But, you can even make it a bit more challenging, as the person in this video did.

It’s not the first time these dogs have played hide and seek with their owner. But this time, a new element to the game has been added. They are now playing in total darkness while a camera captures their movements.

The three dogs follow each other through the house, with the German shepherd in the lead. Their owner is hiding and now they are searching for her. They are on a mission and already understand the game well.

YouTube Screenshot

They don’t seem phased by the darkness and easily navigate their way up and down the stairs. She does call their name so surely, they are using their excellent hearing skills but they also have no trouble seeing in the dark.

Their owner hides in a hallway, under the bed, and finally in the bathtub. The bathtub proves to be the biggest challenge and even the German shepherd passes right by without realizing his owner is hiding inside.

This video has got us wondering, just how well do dogs see in the dark?

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According to experts, dogs have no trouble seeing in the dark. They have better night vision than humans do. Despite this, they are more nearsighted and see fewer colors, which may explain why they had trouble finding their owner in the bathtub.

Dogs also have a membrane along the rear of their eyes called tapetum lucidum. This membrane is what helps them engage their night vision skills. The membrane allows light that is not absorbed by the rods to rebound to the retina. This lets the eye take in more light, which helps the dog to see in the dark.

Pretty cool and also why your dog may not find finding you in the dark as challenging as you might hope. But it’s still a fun game, just be careful that you don’t trip since you can’t see as well as your pup can.

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