Baby Embraces Life as Part of a Loving German Shepherd Pack

“No doubt, these dogs will always have her back”

This baby named River is growing up with five German Shepherds and now acts just like she’s one of them.

This lucky baby is being raised by five German Shepherds and now her mom says that sometimes River thinks that she’s one of the pack.

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River likes to crawl around on the floor with her toys hanging out of her mouth, just like her doggy friends do.

She also loves to splash and play in the dogs’ water bowl.  She’ll even sneak their food whenever she has the chance. But mom puts a stop to that, which isn’t fair since the dogs get to eat the food River leaves on the floor.

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River even loves to chill out in the dog kennel. But she has also taught herself to open the dog’s crates so she now can let the dogs out whenever she wants to. And even though her mom says she’s never left alone with the dogs, they have always been gentle with her.

Ryker is her favorite pup. River gets excited whenever she sees her. The two cuties love to cuddle together on River’s blanket.

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Koba is a sweet and relaxed dude and he and the baby get along great. He’s always sweet with River and likes hanging out with her.

Kai has a more intense personality but is super good with River. He loves to follow her around and lick her.  He knows where the yummy treats come from.

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Brenna is also sweet with River. And, so is Meeka, but she’s an older dog and can get a little grumpy at times so she doesn’t get to spend as much time with the baby.

But all the dogs truly are good with her. She has zero fear of them and most of the time acts like she’s one of the pack.

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River is such a lucky little girl to grow up with five German Shepherds as best friends. No doubt these dogs will always have her back and mom and dad can sleep well at night knowing that their baby will always be safe.

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