German Shepherd Makes Finding A Treat Look Easy

“This dog found the hidden treat so fast that it honestly didn’t even seem like a challenge”

German shepherds are known for their amazing ability to detect specific scents out of thousands of different competing odors and this dog is awesome at it.

In the world of scent detection, German shepherds rank near the top of the dog world. They have a 10,000 – 100,000 times better sense of smell than humans because their long noses are packed full of millions of sensitive scent receptors.

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In this video, this dog’s owner shows off just how in tune his dog’s sniffer is when he hides a treat in his yard.

First, he gives his dog a little sniff and then he moves out of his dog’s sight to hide the treat. He then walks far away, makes several turns, and then hides the treat in a small doorway.

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After the treat is well hidden, he walks back to his dog. He untethers his dog and while still leashed, he gives his dog a command to search for the treat. Then the dog is allowed to go search.

No surprise since German shepherds are said to be able to sniff out objects over long distances, the dog makes a beeline for the treat. He walks through the yard following in his owner’s footsteps, and quickly finds and eats it.

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The dog is super impressive and makes the job look easy. It only took him a few quick sniffs around the immediate vicinity of the treat to locate it. Once he did, of course, he gets lots of praise.

This display is just one of the reasons German shepherds are often used in law enforcement and the military. They can be taught to sniff out fun things, like this treat, but also locate drugs, explosives, contraband food at airports, lost people, and much more. Some service dogs can even be taught to sniff out allergy triggers for their owners, like peanuts.

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German shepherds are very impressive dogs. Next time you’re looking for something to do with your dog, how about teaching it to find something? It’s a lot of fun and you’ll even impress your friends.

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