German Shepherd Won’t Let Her Dad Sleep

“She wants something and she wants her dad to get it for her”

German shepherds are awesome dogs and make the best of friends. They will always stay by your side and stick to you like the worst case of static cling.

So, if you want a clinger, a German shepherd is the dog for you. They’ll follow you, always want to play, be willing to go everywhere, and are happy to be your shadow.

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The devotion they give is unmatched. They’ll be your protector, comforter, and ride-or-die buddy, and just want to spend every moment that they can with you.

In fact, because they are so loyal, they can’t get enough of you. Just check out this German shepherd named Alice who is laying on top of her owner as he tries to take a nap.

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Alice doesn’t care that her owner wants to sleep. She is making her presence known and will gently bug him awake so he can do whatever she has in mind.

And a lot is going on in that German shepherd brain. They are super smart, always thinking, and love to be doing something all the time.

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As she lays on him, she whines, wiggles, and acts super cute to get his attention because Alice isn’t in the napping mood. She doesn’t care if her dad is sleepy, they are burning daylight as far as she is concerned.

So, is this typical German shepherd behavior? You bet it is. You can always sleep later when your German shepherd doesn’t need something from you.

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We don’t know what Alice wants. She might be hungry, need her favorite toy, want to take a walk, be in the mood for a car ride, or want to play a fetch game. Whatever it is, you can be sure she led dad straight to whatever it is that was more important than his rest.

We think Alice is adorable and that German shepherds are the best dogs in the world. Just don’t expect to get extra sleep when you own one because it’s not going to happen very often.

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