Scared German Shepherd Puppy Blossoms When She Meets Another Dog

“This German shepherd puppy was so scared that all she could do was lay as flat as she could get against the floor of the shelter”

An animal shelter in Southern California was transporting two dogs from the shelter when the transporter decided to walk through the shelter and check out the other dogs.

What she saw broke her heart. A German shepherd puppy was lying flat against the floor and looking back at her with her big, sad eyes. She looked back at the puppy and said, “you’re coming home with me.”

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When they were walking out of the shelter, Trinity had to be carried out to the van. She was so afraid, she refused to walk on her own. But soon she was on her way to a safe place and the beginning of her new life.

Once home, she was given her own space to decompress and to get to know her rescuer in. But she was still afraid and refusing to eat. Eventually, she ate some wet food, which was her first step forward.

But they still had some hurdles to overcome. The next day, she was taken outside to enjoy the grass but the scared shepherd just refused to move. She laid down and froze in place. She was going to need help.

So, in an attempt to get her out of her shell, another puppy named Topaz was brought out to meet her. The moment she saw Topaz, Trinity started opening up and blossoming. The adorable puppy started to play and it was the first time that it seemed things would be okay for her.

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She was introduced to more dogs and got excited to have new friends that understood her. She finally realized that she was safe and began to trust her rescuer and even gave her mom her belly to rub. From terrified to secure, she truly began to transform.

So, they took pictures to post on social media in hopes that they would soon find her forever home. As it happened, one of the rescuer’s good friends saw her pictures and knew the job was meant for their family.

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So, they had an amazing three-hour meet and greet and it was clear Trinity had found her forever home, complete with a new doggy best friend. Happy tears all around for such an amazing ending.

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