Talkative German Shepherd Complains About Getting Groomed

“This pretty girl has a lot to say!”

German Shepherds are amazing dogs. Their canine brilliance is unmatched. Couple that with their athleticism, drive, and endurance, and you’ve got the best dogs in the world.

But those are just a few things that make them so incredible. They are also beautiful to look at and super loyal to their owners. All those qualities together are what make them wonderful pets, for those that understand the breed.

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These same qualities can also cause them to be misunderstood. According to the groomer in this video, German Shepherds are high on the list of their least favorite dogs to groom. And it’s not because of their thick double coats.

Rather, it’s their devotion to their owners, that don’t like to be away from their favorite people, and that can cause them to get anxious and unpredictable at times. On top of that, they have some great vocals and aren’t afraid to use them.

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Take this beautiful German Shepherd getting groomed for the first time. Her name is Tika, and she is a long-coated Shepherd that is 6 years old. Tika is not happy to be at the groomer and not shy about sharing what she thinks about it.

It is obvious that she’d like to take a pass. She’s loudly complaining and appears to wish she was anywhere except getting a bath and blowing out of her gorgeous long coat. But no worries, this groomer is also a German Shepherd lover and owns them herself so she’s familiar with the breed.

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So, when Tika starts whining about her services, she simply ignores her and carries on with her bath, de-shed, groom, and nail trim. Surprisingly, even though Tika does nothing but complain, she is a good girl the entire time and surprisingly cooperative about the entire experience.

When people ask the groomer what she thinks about owning a German Shepherd, she has two questions she likes to ask them, which are:

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  1. Are you prepared to meet the high demand, and the high physical and mental needs of the breed?
  2. Are you willing to live in a “snow globe of furfetti?”

We think those are two great questions. It’s obvious she loves the breed and wants her customers to be happy with their choice. She also understands what it takes to own these special dogs.

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