Abandoned German Shepherd Seen Carrying Stuffy Is Rescued

“After her owner died, she was turned out on the streets with only her stuffy for comfort”

When her owner died, this German shepherd was abandoned on the streets. Her only comfort was the stuffed animal she carried in her mouth.

A heartbreaking sight was photographed in Detroit. A grief-stricken German shepherd was seen roaming the streets carrying a stuffy in her mouth. Her sad photograph was circulated and soon South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery began posting and searching for her.

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As they began their search, they learned that her owner had died. Neighbors said the dog had been roaming the street for the months following her owner’s death and that she’d return to a certain area every few days.

On the second day of their search, South Lyon Murphy found the dog that they named Nikki with the help of a neighbor. Almost Home Animal Rescue also got involved in locating a foster home that would take Nikki in after she received veterinary care.

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South Lyon Murphy wrote about the neighbor:

“She was an amazing, retired lady who cared a lot for her and kind of knew her schedule. She also communicated that the dog would walk in the house for her so we decided to take the easy route and next time she saw her we asked her just to walk her in the house and we will get somebody down there to pick her up.”

Life on the streets had not been kind to Nikki. She was malnourished, had heartworms, liver issues, had a double ear infection, and had never been spayed. Her care would be costly, but she was finally in good hands.

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Thankfully Almost Home Animal Rescue in West Bloomfield paid for Nikki’s vet bills, and Katrina Weaver of It is Pawzible assessed Nikki’s behavior.  Dandy Acres Animal Shelter checked her out and Sugar Mutts even groomed her.

It took a team of people to save Nikki thanks to the concerned citizens who cared enough to first photograph her and then share the images which eventually led to her rescue. Nikki is now living with a foster family who plans to adopt her.

Credit: Almost Home Rescue

Almost Home Animal Rescue also posted about Nikki, calling her a “famous celebrity dog.”

“Our hearts (are) full knowing now that she’s safe and off the streets of Detroit in a loving foster home,” Almost Home Animal Rescue said. “She’s one lucky pup and her foster family feels the same! We love you, Nikki! Keep on shining!”

We’re so happy that Nikki was saved even though it’s impossible to understand how anyone could just abandon her on the streets. We hope you enjoyed her rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.