German Shepherd Returns To His Bed And His Shocked By What He Finds

“What is Rocky to do now that his bed has been invaded?”

This German shepherd is shocked to find his dog bed has been invaded and doesn’t know what to do about it.

Rocky the German shepherd was probably planning on a nice, cozy nap on his soft, fluffy bed when he headed towards it.

But much to his surprise, his bed isn’t how he left it. Something has transpired and now he’s got a situation on his paws.

As you can see, Rocky’s bed has been overrun by four tiny kittens. He gives them all a good sniff and his face seems to say, “What the heck is going on?”

So, what is a German shepherd whose bed has been overtaken to do? Apparently, jump on the couch while he tries to figure out how to reclaim it.

Rocky sits on the couch looking down at the kittens seemingly perplexed by the situation. Because he’s such a good boy, getting tough with the kitties is out of the question so that won’t work…

YouTube Screenshot

But German shepherds are super smart so perhaps Rocky will come up with another plan so he can have his bed to himself again. He’s thinking and thinking….

Then finally, he gets down. It appears that Rocky has an idea!

It seems that he thinks he can nudge the kittens out of the bed with his nose but he quickly realizes that it’s not going to work.

YouTube Screenshot

Even with a little prodding with his big nose, the kittens show no fear and obviously like their bed nest. These kitties don’t plan to leave it any time soon.

Looks like Rocky will have to convince his owners to get him a new bed because the kitties have taken over his. They are very comfy and it doesn’t look like there is much room for a big German shepherd dog.

So, do you think Rocky is now sleeping on the couch? We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. Please feel free to share with your friends.