Baby Thinks German Shepherd Kisses Are Hilarious

“The more she laughs, the more the dog kisses her”

Like sugar and spice, babies and German shepherds just go together. German shepherds love kids and there is nothing sweeter than a baby and dog growing up side-by-side. The kids that get to share their childhood with one of these amazing dogs are lucky.

The dogs are lucky, too. They have a full-time job watching over the child they love, which perfectly suits working dogs. They also have a full-time playmate and someone always willing to share the treats.

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In this video, the baby girl is far too young to realize that the German shepherd by her side will be her first best friend. She doesn’t yet know that they will share many special moments, playtimes, and love.

But what she does know is that her German shepherd kissing her face is hilarious. She laughs hysterically as the good dog showers her face with kisses.  It is the most adorable thing, ever. She is so cute you won’t be able to get enough.

The German shepherd is sitting next to her on the couch. Carefully, the gentle dog leans over and begins covering her face with sweet doggy smooches. As she does, the baby laughs and laughs, her laughter is contagious.

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The more she laughs, the more kisses she gets. The dog is clearly in love with her little girl and adores her. She is so gentle with the baby, too. Even as the baby grabs at her nose and squeezes her cheek, the dog stays sweet and continues with her kisses.

Of course, dad is sitting close by supervising the entire time. Teaching his little girl that she must be gentle with her big dog. She’s a little young to understand it all but the child and dog are already on their way to becoming best friends.

She’s such a lucky baby, her dog is beautiful, too. We wish this family many years of friendship with their German shepherd. We hope you enjoy their video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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