Beautiful Black Service Dog Enjoys Her First Spa Day

“This working-line German Shepherd has got it all – beauty and brains”

Vantablack is not only gorgeous, but she’s also a trained mobility service dog.

Vantablack is a one-year-old black German shepherd and she is a stunner. But the beautiful girl has more than her good looks going for her, she also has an important job.

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Vantablack is a mobility-trained service dog. But she can also help people who struggle with post-traumatic stress syndrome, social anxiety, panic attacks, and self-harm.

But today, Vantablack is taking some time out of her busy schedule to get some much-deserved pampering. It’s her first professional grooming, the doggy equivalent of a spa day.

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As Vantablack heads toward the bath she has so much confidence, it’s as if she’s been there many times. But, this is all new to her but in German shepherd style, she is ready for this new adventure.

So, like a pro, she gets loaded into the tub. Then she’s hosed down with water and wait, is that a little look of apprehension? She patiently waits as she gets lathered up, with the white foam looking like snow on her black fur.

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It’s not clear if she’s enjoying her bath or not but what is clear is that she’s a good girl.
She patiently stands still for her bath, quick dry spray, blow out, and brushing. Which is super important since German shepherds shed a lot.

For her first groom, she did great. She tolerated all her grooming and even stood still for her nail trim and the shaving of her paw pads.

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But Vantablack wasn’t done yet, before she was able to go, she got the final, exotic touch to make her even more beautiful than she already is.

She got wiped down with orchid hydrating oil, which makes her black coat gleam. Now that her beautiful black coat is nice and shiny, she can go back to work or just go back to being her beautiful self…whatever she feels like because she deserves it.

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