German Shepherds Refuse To Let Their Christmas Tree Get Thrown Away

“These were two very determined dogs who definitely didn’t make this simple chore easy for their owner”

This couple thought it would be a simple task to throw away their Christmas tree, but their two German shepherds had other plans.

With the holidays behind them, this couple decided it was time to get rid of their Christmas tree. So, they stripped it of its ornaments and chose to deposit it over the fence, where it would naturally decompose.

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So, the husband carried the large tree through the backyard and toward the back fence. Surely, he must have been thinking he was almost done with his task when his two German shepherds decided that the tree was too irresistible to get rid of.

It was about that time that his wife began to wonder what was taking her husband so long. So, when she looked out, she saw what was going on and immediately started taking this hilarious video.

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If you own a German shepherd, you may not be surprised by the dogs’ reaction to the tree disposal. There’s not much more tempting to a German shepherd than a challenge and a super big stick so for them, it was game on.

As the husband tugged and pulled on the tree to try and throw it over the fence, the eager dogs gripped the pine tree by the trunk and yanked and tugged, making it almost impossible to get the tree over the fence.

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What started out as a simple chore turned into an exhausting battle of wills between the man and his determined yet hilarious dogs.

The dogs were having lots of fun and from the laughter heard on the video, so was his wife. Probably because the harder he tried to get control of the tree, the harder the dogs fought to keep it on their side of the fence.

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Finally, the dogs tug so hard that the man falls and rolls on the ground. It was then that he gets his second wind and in a final act of determination, heaves the tree over the fence. And, for a moment, it looks like the dogs might follow.

Surely, next year he’ll make another plan for the tree, but we’re glad it worked out this way for this time because the video is hilarious and never gets old. We hope you got a good laugh. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.