Bomb Detection Dog Misses Her Job So Dad Gives Her A New One

“She was so depressed after retirement that her dad had to do something to help her.”

She spent her life serving the country by sniffing out explosives. But now that she’s retired, she is having trouble adjusting to everyday life.

Dorka was a bomb detection dog serving in Afghanistan. She and her handler became best friends while they served together. Ironically, no one else wanted to serve with her because they thought she was too timid.

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But it turned out that Dorka had the best nose out of all the dogs. She excelled at sniffing out explosives and loved her job. She served for several years before she was ready to retire and return to Florida to her handler.

Her handler was excited to get her to Florida, where they’d finally be together again. But he didn’t anticipate how much Dorka would miss her job. She was soon bored and disengaged, she even seemed depressed.

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No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t cheer her up. She was listless and unhappy. So, to help her, he began hiding things for her to sniff out and find. Once she had a job again, she was excited, and the spark came back into her eyes.

After that, everywhere they went, her handler would hide things for her to find. Now that she had a purpose, soon she was back to her perky self. She was now able to enjoy her retirement, play with her toys, and get over her blues.

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It just seems that Dorka needed more than a life of leisure, even though she deserved that and more. From being considered the most timid dog of them all, she proved she had the heart of a warrior and never wanted to quit.

Dorka lives to please and serve and is happiest when she is working. Thankfully, her handler loves and respects her enough to give her everything she needs to live her best life, even in her retirement.

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He continues to challenge his best friend and be sure she’s fulfilled. Dorka now has the best retirement because she still gets to perform her important job but without danger. Thank you for your service, both of you.

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