This German Shepherd Is So Wealthy That He Has His Own Staff

“How would you like working for Gunther?”

This dog inherited $400 million and now he has his own staff of 27 people.

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How did Gunther IV become the richest dog in the world? A German shepherd named Gunther III belonged to Countess Korlotta Liebenstein. When the Countess passed away in 1992, she left her fortune to him since she had no children or other living relatives.

But eventually, Gunther III passed away, so the fortune was passed on to his son, Gunther IV, making Gunther IV the wealthiest dog in the world. Gunther IV has a net worth of over $400 million and lives in Germany with his staff.

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Gunther’s life is so fascinating that there is now a Netflix documentary, called Gunther’s Millions. The show is all about his wild lifestyle. Or, rather the lifestyle of the people responsible for taking care of the pampered pooch, who are enjoying his wealth.

Since Gunther can’t make his own financial decisions, he has a trustee managing his estate. Under the trustee, Gunther’s money has been invested. The dog owns yachts, mansions, and villas around the world. It’s been said that he even bought an estate from Madonna.

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To get all the details about Gunther, we’ll have to watch the show. And, we have essential questions like, what does a millionaire dog eat, and where does he buy his doggy swag?

Is Gunther a nice boss or is he a diva? Does he have a private ball thrower? Who takes him for walks? And, how much does the person who picks up his poo get paid? How does he know who loves him just because he’s a wonderful German shepherd?

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The trailer looks pretty wild, and we wonder if the Countess would approve. One thing is sure, the man responsible for Gunther just might have the best job in the world. But then again, all German shepherd owners feel that way about their dogs.

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