Brave Police K9 Turns Into A Puppy Around His Baby Sister

“This baby girl doesn’t yet know how lucky she is to have Sonny watching her back”

This brave police K9 stares down danger and then goes home and turns into a puppy around his human baby sister.

Sonny is a police dog that takes his job very seriously. He has faced lots of danger and gone into many dangerous situations. He always has his partner’s back and the respect shared between them is mutual.

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Sonny and his handler partnered up about 3.5 years ago. They began a new K9 program in their department. They both had to train hard and learn to trust each other. Now, they work together to fight crime and keep their community safe.

Sonny loves his job and is ready to face down whatever the day brings. For him, work is a fun challenge to be tackled. He is always ready to work and is always waiting for that next radio call that will determine what the day brings.

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Not only does he have the skills, but he also has the nose to track down people and drugs. His olfactory senses are somewhere between 20 and 50 times greater than his partner, which gives him a big advantage over his handler. Sonny is an expert searcher and can cover what would take officers hours, in minutes. He’s more than valuable to his department not to mention a best friend to his partner.

But, Sonny’s life was about to change in a big way. His handler’s wife was expecting a baby and his partner wondered how Sonny would adapt to sharing their home with a baby. He was used to his routine and being the center of attention while not working.

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You can’t train for a baby but Sonny seemed to know things were about to change anyway. He began resting his head on his mom’s belly and being more attentive. Then once the baby arrived, the transition into big brother was flawless.

From the day his little sister arrived, Sonny wanted to be near her. He loves to watch over his new baby sister and their family is better with him in it. His partner calls him a part-time therapy dog because he is so sensitive despite being fearless on the job.

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Sonny is such a good dog and we thank him for his service. His new little sister doesn’t know it yet, but she will grow up with the best bravest, most protective big brother by her side. She’s a lucky little girl.

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