Retiring Police K9 Receives His Final Goodbye

“This final radio call is such a tear-jerker”

K9 Vilo and his handler didn’t hit it off when they were first partnered up. But, now 3 years later, Officer Quentin can’t imagine what it would be like without him by his side.

The first day Officer Quentin was partnered with K9 Vilo, he wasn’t Vilo’s first handler. The veteran police K9 wasn’t happy with the new partnership and showed his displeasure by growling at him through the bars of his kennel the entire way home.

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On that first drive together, Officer Quentin even worried that he would get bit when he got Vilo out of the car. But, thankfully that didn’t happen and it wasn’t long before the two new partners became lifelong best friends who always had each other’s backs.

They worked well together and quickly bonded. Officer Quentin was very proud of Vilo and they apprehended many bad guys and got lots of drugs off the street. Because of their hard work, the city was safer.

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Of course, Officer Quentin worried about the dangers of K9 work and that Vilo could be injured or worse on the job. But thankfully, that never happened and after serving 3 years together, K9 Vilo safely retired from the Orem Police Department.

But, Officer Quentin wasn’t ready to give up Vilo. He didn’t want to let him go because the two had been through so much together and were so close. He didn’t think it was fair for the dog to have to go to someone else. He felt that Vilo should remain with him so he petitioned to adopt him.

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Happily, three months later, Quentin received the good news that Vilo would be joining his family. It was a relief to know that the two best friends would remain together and Vilo would be retiring to a loving family complete with two other dogs.

But before that happened, K9 Vilo was officially retired and received this tearful final radio call:

“Will you show K9 Vilo a 1042 for the last time”

Copy break…

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“All units prepare to copy a special transmission.

This transmission is for K9 Vilo.

“Vilo has just finished his last shift on duty for the city of Orem and is heading to retirement.
Thank you for your 5 years of service and hard work for the city and the citizens of Orem.
With over 300 deployments in your career, tons of narcotics taken from the street, and many suspects taken down, you deserve a much-needed rest.”

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“Thank you for keeping your handlers safe and getting them home safe every single day. Enjoy your retirement and enjoy being a dog. You will be missed K9 Vilo.”

Thank you for your service K9 Vilo! We hope you enjoyed his story. As always, share with your friends.