Makeover Of A Long Haired German Shepherd-Before And After

“Maya doesn’t tolerate any tugging on her fur, yet the groomer manages to make her look stunning anyway”

Stunning both before and after her professional grooming. Maya the long-haired German shepherd is beautiful even if she’s particular about how much brushing she tolerates, which is none.

Maya the German shepherd is now seven years old. She’s an old pro at getting professionally groomed because she’s been going since she was a young puppy. The first grooming picture of her is more than adorable and she’s only gotten prettier with age.

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Maya needs to be groomed regularly because she lives on a large property and easily gets dirty. To get her squeaky clean and remove her undercoat, she’ll go through several treatments on this day, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Maya doesn’t receive any special treatments or cologne, as requested by her owners. But since she’s a dirty girl, she receives a de-shedding, dirty dog shampoo, followed by a deep conditioner.

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The cleaner Maya is, the faster she will dry. So, she receives a good scrubbing twice over to remove all the dirt from her fur. After she is fully lathered, scrubbed, and rinsed, she receives her conditioner.

After that, it’s time to remove as much of the loose fur as possible. The groomer used some professional tools to help loosen the undercoat and rinse a lot of it away before they even start their blow dry and brushing, which has helped a lot, which is a good thing when it comes to Maya.

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However, if you know anything about German shepherds, it’s that they shed a lot. Despite the good bath and blow dry, Maya will need much more to remove her dense undercoat, that she is shedding.

But despite Maya being a good girl and accustomed to being groomed, she doesn’t tolerate any tugging on her fur. So, for Maya’s comfort, the groomer shaves away her mats so it’s easier to brush her.

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When it comes to brushing, Maya hates it and will nip and bite. So, she must wear a muzzle for this part despite the groomer making it as easy as possible on her. But brushing her goes fast and then her paws and the rest of her are trimmed up.

After all that, Maya is done and looks amazing. For being such a good girl, she enjoys some CBD treats as a reward before she goes home. Then the entire process will start over once she gets dirty again.

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We hope you enjoyed her adorable video. Maya truly is a stunner both before and after her bath. Please feel free to share her with your friends.