German Shepherd Puppy Tries To Wake Up Lazy Cat

“The harder the annoying puppy tries, the more the cat manages to ignore it”

Getting into some cat mischief is just impossible to resist for this adorable German shepherd puppy.

German shepherd puppies are busy and energetic dogs. And this one is no different. Curious and playful, the puppy can’t understand why the kitty would rather take a nap than play games or run around the house.

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The cat is lazy and not interested in playtime. The cute kitty is doing its best to stay asleep in its nest of a soft cat bed, but the puppy isn’t about to make it easy on the cat-not when they could be having fun instead.

As the cat continues to sleep, the long-haired puppy gets more determined to wake the kitty up so that they can play. At this point, it’s become the puppy’s mission to wake up the cat and it’s not about to let up.

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Initially, the puppy just rested its paw on the bed. But soon it realized that plan wasn’t doing much good. The puppy begins to get impatient and begins to nuzzle the cat and rest its head on the kitty’s neck.

At this point, the cat is doing its best to continue to ignore the annoying puppy. But the more the cat tries to ignore the nap interruption, the more determined the puppy gets and begins pawing at the kitty. The puppy is trying so hard to get the cat to play.

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But the kitty continues to try to ignore the puppy. It keeps its eyes squeezed closed and pretends the puppy isn’t there. But soon that tactic is no longer working, either. Especially when the puppy begins to paw the cat and even moves the cat bed with its paws.

Amazingly, all this doesn’t rouse the kitty. Finally, when the puppy begins to nudge the lazy cat with its nose and yips at the cat, the kitty takes a swipe at that sweet puppy’s face.

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Lucky for the cute puppy, the cat doesn’t make contact. It’s clear these two have played this game before and the cat is onto the puppy’s tricks and isn’t about to fall for them. So, the cat continues to try to slumber on and the annoying puppy never stops trying to wake it up.

We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. Obviously, these two are friends even if they have different ideas of what they should be doing when they hang out. Please feel free to share with your friends.