Good Samaritan Stays With An Injured Dog On Busy Freeway Until Help Arrives

“She was on her way to work but God had other plans for her”

Debbie Allen was on her way to work when she saw an injured German shepherd limping down the westbound I-94 freeway in Detroit, Michigan. But unlike the other drivers, she stopped to help.

Debbie is a hero. She was on her way to work on April 5th when she saw an injured German shepherd on the busy freeway. Apparently, the dog had gotten loose and was now limping down the freeway during rush hour.

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Cars were slowing down to avoid the German shepherd but obviously, the dog was in danger. The highway was no place for the lost dog, so Debbie made the quick decision to keep the dog safe until help could arrive.

She stopped her car and got out. She then huddled up against the center divider, holding the dog so that it would not be hit by the cars that were still passing by. Despite the risk to herself, she provided what comfort she could to the injured dog. She said,

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“I saw a dog in the middle of the road, and it was limping so I knew it had been hit.”

Finally, Michigan Humane and the police arrived so they could transport the dog off the freeway and to safety. The dog was clearly too scared or too injured to stand. So, an animal control officer picked up the shepherd and loaded it into the truck.

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Debbie can be heard asking where the dog will be taken, clearly still interested in the lost dog’s wellbeing. You can also hear one of the officers tell her she is a hero for stopping traffic and getting the dog to safety.

WXYZ reported that she did everything she could to keep the pup safe from harm:
“Drivers along westbound I-94 were slowing down Wednesday morning after a German Shepherd got loose and ran onto the freeway. Good Samaritan Debbie Allen jumped into action and made sure the dog would not get hit and stay alive. She huddled against the center divider holding the German Shepherd from incoming traffic. She says she was on her way to meet a client for work but God had other plans for her.”

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Debbie Allen was a true hero that day and thanks to her, the dog got the help it needed. The dog wasn’t microchipped, so it was sheltered at Michigan Humane on Chrysler Drive while they tried to locate the owner.

We hope they found the owner quickly. Surely, they will want to thank Debbie for saving their dog’s life. We hope you enjoyed this story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.