Dramatic German Shepherd Puppy Gets Her First Bath

“This adorable 12-week-old puppy had a lot to say about getting groomed for the first time”

In this popular groomer’s opinion, German shepherd puppies are the cutest puppies of them all. Of course, we have to agree. Some people might accuse us of being biased, and that’s okay. Because this adorable puppy proves we’re right.

Girl With Dogs is an amazing groomer and, in this video, she is giving a super cute German shepherd puppy named Luna her first bath. She has a fondness for German shepherds and does a great job grooming them so we can’t wait to see how it goes with this little one.

Luna is only 12 weeks old and is already a spunky girl full of personality. She enters the grooming salon with confidence, yet she has no idea that she’s about to experience her very first bath.

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Into the bathtub she goes and of course, she immediately starts sniffing everything. She doesn’t seem very concerned but then the water gets turned on. And, when it does, Luna has a lot to say about it.

Even though she’s very young, Luna is already very dramatic. She cried and complained her way through her bath even though she was getting lots of praise, reassurance, and treats. Luna required a lot of extra attention and the cameraman even had to stop filming to help calm her down.

Luna was nervous during her bath, but she got through it. By the time she reached the end of her blowout, she was much calmer and ready for yummy liver treats. She even allowed her nails to be trimmed while the groomer distracted her by barking like a dog.

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We wouldn’t go as far to say that Luna liked bath day but at the end of it, she was super adorable and learned that she had nothing to fear. Hopefully, her next bath will be far less upsetting for her than this one was.

What do you think? At what age do you think puppies are ready to go to the groomer? Do you think it builds confidence or causes unnecessary fear? We think the answer isn’t that simple and it primarily depends upon the personality of the dog.

Girl With Dogs is always great with the pets in her care and Luna couldn’t have been in better hands. Despite this, Luna was not a happy puppy and clearly didn’t enjoy her first grooming experience.

Despite it all, she is super cute and surely will be happy to go home and show off how adorable she is. We hope you enjoyed watching this video. Please feel free to share with your friends.