K9 Haywire Tracks Down Dangerous Hit-And-Run Suspect

“This brave K9 had to deal with lots of distractions but that didn’t stop him from tracking down the bad guy so he could be taken off the streets”

When a hit-and-run driver followed up their crime by pulling a gun on bystanders, Officer Stone and K9 Haywire of the Spokane Police Department were called upon to locate him.

Along with Officer Stone and K9 Haywire, the search team consisted of a four-man SWAT team, which included Corporal Baldwin, Officer Benesch, Officer Buchmann, and Officer Brasch.

As soon as Officer Stone and K9 Haywire arrived on the scene they were quickly brought up to speed on the serious nature of the situation. Officers had talked to witnesses and now believed the suspect jumped a fence between some houses in a residential neighborhood.

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They weren’t sure of the direction the suspect was headed but they did know he was wearing a gray long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and a black snapback hat. Now, the tracking team was ready to get to work.

Super tracker Haywire was more than ready to go. After shouting out a warning that the K9 would be deployed, K9 Haywire immediately began to search the neighborhood and quickly led Officer Stone to a tall fence next to an alley.

Haywire headed as fast as he could toward the alley and began searching the area. He ran through puddles and snow, searching behind houses and buildings. He even had to navigate around a loose dog to continue to do his job.

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Despite all the distractions, he continued to search with the team of officers following behind. Finally, Haywire closed in on a shed and alerted his fellow officers that the suspect might be inside.

Haywire was so intent that officers had to take a beat to help him relax and then he was allowed to search the building. He hit on a bunch of clothing located in the packed shed and had to “go deep” to search through it all.

All the while officers stood by wondering if the suspect was inside or had been there. Finally, an officer went inside to take a look at what caught the attention of K9 Haywire. No doubt, it was full of junk with plenty of places to hide but the suspect was no longer there.

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With no success in the shed, the search resumed with one very excited K9 intent on doing his job that day. Soon, he alerted again and located the suspect in a yard so officers were able to safely take him into custody.

The suspect was facing five charges and was not happy about his encounter with the K9 or his arrest. But, thanks to the brave officers, one more bad guy is off the streets.

We give a special thanks to K9 Haywire for his determination and bravery. We’re glad all the offers were kept safe from harm.

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