German Shepherd Chills Out With His Pack Of Cats

“This is the calmest dog we’ve ever seen lol”

German Shepherds and cats can be friends, but this dog takes it a little further than most. He has a kitty pack of his own.

Rocky the German Shepherd likes cats. No, that’s not right, Rocky loves them!

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Rocky is a cute pup with lots of kitty friends. He is more than adorable when he cuddles up with them for a little cat (and dog) nap.

The kitties love to nuzzle under Rocky’s big chin. And, he seems to enjoy it, too. He doesn’t even mind being on the receiving end of some kitty nibbles but he also gives a few back, German Shepherd style.

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But, Rocky is a gentle dude. He’s not hurting any of the kitties with his little love bites. And, even though he’s much bigger than the cats, the cats are not afraid of him. They don’t seem to be intimidated by him, at all.

All the cats and Rocky just lounge around him on the floor enjoying each other’s company. They are more than adorable and the scene is too sweet for words. They are special friends that enjoy each other’s company despite being different species.

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The white, gray, and orange kitty loves snuggling up against his friend, Rocky. Meanwhile, the gray tabby cat is receiving lots of ear sniffs. The white cat is just chilling out, paws all up in Rocky’s face.

That is until the white kitty decides to get a little frisky and bite Rocky on the nose. After that, the kitty is on the receiving end of some big dog nibbles but that doesn’t stop that kitty from going back for more.

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Hilariously, when the white cat is done picking on Rocky, the cat moves on to bug the cool gray tabby, who is just not interested. Tabby is not going to be drawn into the game by the mischievous kitty.

These funny friends are adorable to watch. It’s not every day that you see a German Shepherd befriending so many cats. They all share a special bond, for sure. We hope you enjoyed their cute video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.