Two Confiscated German Shepherds Get Their First Taste Of Freedom

“After spending two months in the shelter, these two couldn’t have been rescued by a better person”

A bonded pair of German shepherds were confiscated from their owner. After spending two months in the shelter, they finally got their first glimpse of hope.

When Lee Asher of The Asher House arrived at the shelter, he was escorted to a room where two German shepherds were waiting. The dogs were the result of a court-ordered confiscation. After spending more than sixty days in a shelter, they needed to get out.

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Despite their ordeal, the two dogs, Jackson, and Hazel were loving and friendly. They wanted lots of pets and gave plenty of kisses. They seemed to understand things were about to look up for them and were happy to load up in the car to be whisked away.

Once they arrived at the ranch, they were first placed in a large kennel before being released with the rest of the pack. This way, all the dogs could safely sniff each other through the bars to see how they’d interact.

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The shepherds were of course excited. After all, they had just been released from a very stressful environment and had no idea what the future had in store. But, if they were worried they didn’t need to be because their second chance at life was about to begin.

Despite their excitement, Jackson and Hazel did very well meeting the dogs. They allowed themselves to be leashed up and despite never being introduced to other dogs before, were polite when meeting the part of the pack.

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Lee took things slow and carefully monitored their body language. After he felt comfortable, he let them off leash and for the first time in months, the dogs were free to run and play. The happy pups immediately began to integrate themselves with their new family.

They were full of joy as they ran around and met the other dogs. They played, got in the water, and even jumped in the lake. It was hard to believe these were the same two dogs that had been locked up such a short time ago.

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They even did great when going inside the house for the first time. It was almost as if they’d been there for a long time. We’re so happy that they were rescued and able to get a fresh start at Asher House.

Their past is now in the rear-view mirror and from here on out, things will be much better. We hope you enjoyed their sweet rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.