German Shepherd Demonstrates Hilarious Inside Growl

“She sounds just like a Gremlin!”

If you were taking a walk in the woods and suddenly heard this sound behind you, no doubt you’d think some wild animal was about to eat you.

But this isn’t some wild animal and it’s not making the sound in the woods. Rather, it’s a German Shepherd hilariously using its “inside” growl and the sound is like no growl we’ve ever heard come out of a dog.

Rumble Screenshot

And, not only is the growl weirdly hilarious by itself. The face the German Shepherd makes while doing it is the funniest thing we’ve seen in a long time.

As the pup makes its Gremlin-like growl, it shows off its pearly whites while doing it. Over and over the dog makes the noise and it gets funnier each time you hear it until suddenly it stops and what you’re left with is the face of the most adorable dog ever.

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Since German Shepherds are so smart, it’s no surprise that they could be taught to use an inside voice. But we have so many questions…like whose idea was it, the dog or the owner? Did the dog just start making his sound on its own or was it prompted?

Prompting the dog to do this on cue would be an epic prank, but we’re sure the owner already thought of that. We wonder how many of their friends they’ve freaked out by asking their dog to use its inside voice.

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It really doesn’t matter because the video is so funny, you’ll want to listen to it again and again, plus share it with your friends.

After watching this, German Shepherd owners everywhere will be trying to teach their dog to do an inside growl and if they get anywhere near as close as this pup does, they’ll be more funny videos to watch.

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We hope you enjoyed this adorably funny pup. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.