Puppy Loudly Gripes Because It Wants To Bite Its Older Dog Friend

“You got to hear the hilarious way this little pup complains to the older dog”

This German shepherd puppy loves to bite and play but this time, the puppy’s dog friend is moving its tender parts out of reach of the pup’s razor-sharp teeth.

An adorable puppy and a friend are playing together on the couch. The two of them are so sweet but like all puppies, this little land shark wants to bite the other dog’s nose and paws, but the older dog is wise to the puppy’s tricks.

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So, the game begins with the bigger shepherd moving its body parts out of reach. But the little pup doesn’t give up and soon both the dogs are play biting each other in the most adorable way.

They lay on the couch side-by-side and bite each other’s adorable faces. The older dog is super gentle, of course. Both are super cute, but the little pup is relentless with the older dog, just like all energetic German Shepherd pups can be.

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Even though their pearly white teeth are bared, it’s all in good fun. But the funniest thing is the little moans and groans coming out of the little fluffy puppy. It sounds like a hilarious one-sided conversation in a squeaky alien language.

It’s as if the puppy is begging the older shepherd to let it be bitten in a cartoonish voice. All the while the puppy continues to complain to the older dog in such a way that you can’t help but laugh because it sounds so funny.

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The two of them are super cute and are sure to grow up to be best friends and will have loads of fun playing together all day long. But right now, the older dog must put up with puppy-biting antics.
It’s so awesome when German Shepherds can grow up to be dog friends. The older dog will soon teach the little pup everything it knows about being a good and brave German shepherd dog.

We hope you enjoyed their adorable video. It’s worth watching just to hear the puppy talk to the older dog in such a funny way. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.