German Shepherd Doesn’t Want To Share The Bed So She Bugs The Cat

“She’s not about to share with Mr. Peepers”

This determined German shepherd doesn’t want to share the bed with Mr. Peeper’s the cat so she does all she can to get the cat to go away.

It’s a tale as old as time. A cat and dog live together but are jealous of one another and do not want to share. It’s a battle over the bed between the two and it remains to be seen which one will be the victor.

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The unlikely friends are a German shepherd dog and an adorable white and brown spotted kitty named Mr. Peepers. In this case, they both want to lay on the bed and the kitty seems to have made itself comfortable first.

But the German shepherd isn’t happy about sharing the bed and trying to convince Mr. Peepers to go nap elsewhere. But the cat isn’t interested. Nope, kitty is comfortable right where he is. But the dog isn’t about to change her mind, either.

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So, the dog jumps on the bed and tries to nudge the cat off. The pup seems to have a healthy respect for the kitty’s claws even though he’s not happy about the situation and not willing to find another place to take a nap.

The dog nudges Mr. Peepers with her nose but the cat just lays there flicking its tail and raising a paw reminding said doggo, “mess with kitty, get the claws.” It is obvious that the cat has delivered the goods before.

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The dog finally jumps off the bed but the battle of wits isn’t over. Nope. The determined dog circles back and gets back up on the bed, much to the cat’s irritation.

At this point, the cat is clearly disgusted with the dog and just wants to nap in peace. That’s obviously not going to happen as long as the German shepherd is determined to have the bed all to herself.

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So finally, kitty gives in and lets the dog have the bed. It’s not worth the frustration, its body language seems to say. Looks like the kitty is headed for the windowsill and the dog happily lays down.



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