German Shepherd Gets To Buy Everything He Touches At Petco

“He must think he won the doggy lotto!”

Who doesn’t like to go on a shopping spree? Imagine everything you touch, goes home with you. That sounds like a dream for a lot of people but for this doggo, his dream came true one day at Petco.

Eiko the German shepherd loves to shop so his owners take him to a fun place worthy of a dog shopping frenzy, Petco. Once there, after a little pit stop next to a palm tree outside, the three-year-old Eiko goes inside the store to score some new doggy swag.

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Eiko doesn’t know it, but all his choices will be donated to some doggos in need. How cool is that? What he thinks he’s choosing for himself, will be generously given away to some shelter dogs overseas.

So, what will he choose?

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First up is a stuffed dolphin and a baby stuffed dolphin to match. The toys are so cute, we want some too. Then he picks out a Happy Birthday Bear followed by a Birthday Boy t-shirt. Although it feels like it’s his birthday, it’s really not.

Before he can continue his shopping business, he has a meet and greet with another shopper. The two enjoy some sniffs of each other, say hello, then it’s back to the serious business of picking out doggy toys. 

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A piggy goes in the cart next followed by a Nerf toy. Then oops, uber excited Eiko pees in the store, and his owners must clean it up before continuing on the shopping spree. It even looks like he may have added his pee to another puddle-who can blame him?

Back to shopping, Eiko picks out some yummy Instinct treats. Then scores a bird off the floor. Next is a rope toy and an antler. Then the choosy pup picks out a puzzle ball and we must admit, we’re getting a little jealous of all these toys.

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Getting into the fun, next is an adorable bubble toy and three Hero Extremes. Next, he picks out a lamb, duck, and raccoon, such a special guy who loves his woodland creatures. His cart is filling up at this point but there is still room for doggy shampoo.

Then he hits the sale section, go nuts, Eiko! One octopus and flying squirrel later, it looks like Eiko is about done shopping. Oh wait, looks like ten new collars are in the cart! Now heading for the checkout, will they make it out of the store without Eiko picking out something else?

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Of course not! Bully sticks go in the cart.

Eiko had a fun time shopping for a worthy cause. What could be more fun? We’re pretty sure he gets to keep some of his loot for himself, too. We hope you enjoyed this adorable video. As always, please share with your friends.

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