German Shepherd Howls In Harmony With Rubber Chicken

“It looks like he’s giving CPR to the chicken lol”

German shepherds are so smart. It’s not unusual for them to invent things to do to keep themselves busy, they would rather be doing almost anything than be bored. So, it’s not unusual to find them playing with their favorite toys.

What is a little more unusual is when the favorite toy happens to be an ugly rubber chicken rather than a ball or chew toy. But hey, this rubber chicken is special because not only is it ugly, but it also makes the most obnoxious chicken noises.

This chicken sounds like it’s on its last leg which may be why some owners wouldn’t want to bring one home to their German shepherd. Who wants to listen to that pathetic bird sound all day long?

Rumble Screenshot

This big guy!

He’s made a hilarious game of howling along in perfect harmony with his rubber chicken! First, he taps on the chicken with his paw like he’s trying to bring it back to life. Then when the chicken starts to cluck with each tap, he gives it a few good warm-up taps and then lets up with the tapping.

When he stops tapping, the chicken lets go with one mournful, long moan and that’s when the dog throws his head back and howls along in perfect harmony with the bird. It is hilarious to listen to, almost like a heartbreaking ballad between canine and fowl.

But of course, this clever dog knows the chicken is just a rubber toy and that is what makes this so funny. A German shepherd is much too smart to be fooled with something as silly as a fake bird.

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So, we have to assume he just likes this game, maybe he’s planning to try out for America’s Got Talent, or perhaps he just wants to see if he can harmonize. We’ll never know because he can’t talk.

But there is one thing we do know, when his humans are home, we bet this game gets old pretty fast even though it’s hysterical to listen to. Good thing he doesn’t live in an apartment or there would certainly be some complaints.

 We hope you enjoyed this funny dog howling along with his chicken toy. As always, please give your dog some pets and share this with your friends.

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