German Shepherd Is Rescued By U.S. Coast Guard Aircrew

“After falling 300-feet onto a rocky beach, this German shepherd had to be airlifted to safety”

On June 15th, the United States Coast Guard airlifted a German Shepherd who reportedly fell off a cliff in Ecola State Park in Clatsop County, Oregon to safety.

At about 7 pm, a call came in that a German shepherd named Dory fell down a 300-foot cliff that was located above a remote area of the beach. The United States Coast Guard didn’t hesitate to spring into action to help rescue the dog.

The Cannon Beach Fire Department had contacted the Coast Guard and requested assistance in rescuing Dory who had somehow fallen down the 300-foot cliff and was now stranded on the rocky beach below.

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The area was inaccessible to the fire department, so an Air Station Astoria MH-60 aircrew responded to the call. At about 8:20 p.m., the aircrew safely lowered a Coast Guard crew member into the water who swam to the shore to rescue Dory.

Once on shore, the crew member was able to reach Dory and help load her into the rescue basket. The two were then hoisted up to the helicopter and loaded inside. The crew said that Dory was happy to be rescued and no longer alone.

Despite how scary the situation must have been, Dory remained calm and seemed to know she was being helped. She never tried to run from the helicopter and seemed content to ride in the basket and be flown to safety.

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Once back on land, her thankful owner hugged the crew and thanked them for their help. After the accident, Dory was cold and wet and had suffered an injured leg. The Coast Guard didn’t elaborate on what type of injuries the dog had or how severe they were.

We’re so grateful to the Coast Guard and all involved in Dory’s rescue. Thanks to them, she was able to return to her owner. She’s such a brave girl and we hope that she is doing well and heals up from her injuries quickly.

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