K9 Cheeseburger Retires After 8 Years Of Service

“He may be named Cheeseburger but CB is the one taking the bites”

After 8 years of service, K9 Cheeseburger is ready to hang up his leash.

Cheeseburger, or “CB” for short has taken his last patrol. The 10-year-old German Shepherd joined the Lawrence Police Department in Kansas City, Missouri in 2015 but has now retired.

Cheeseburger is a dual-purpose K9 trained in de-escalation, criminal apprehension, handler protection, and narcotics detection. Hopefully, he’ll now have time to go out and enjoy eating burgers rather than chasing down criminals.

Lawrence Kansas Police Department/Facebook

Cheeseburger is going to live out his retirement years with Patrol Sergeant Ron Ivener, his wife, their 4 kids, and his dog friend Monty. The transition into retirement should go smoothly for CB who has been promised lots of toys and treats.

Cheeseburger has been a vital member of the Lawrence Police Department and has also worked in Kansas police departments in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas City, KHP, Jefferson County, and more.

To celebrate, his friends at the department him a retirement party. Friends of the K9 Vest, Midwest also attended the celebration and presented CB with yummy treats, including one shaped like a cheeseburger. They also gifted CB’s new family with a beautiful painting.

Lawrence Kansas Police Department/Facebook

“Cheeseburger is officially off-duty for good!” reads the caption. “Following his retirement today, Corporal Weidl passed Cheeseburger off to his new family, the Ivener’s. The kids have promised lots of good boy snoot boops for CB as he lounges around the house for the rest of his days!”

In a second post, the department added, “Cheeseburger is certainly well positioned to get plenty of treats, toys, and restful trots in his well-earned golden years.”

We thank K9 Cheeseburger for all his years of service. He will surely be missed by his department but deserves his much-needed rest. We hope you enjoyed his story, as always, please feel free to share it with your friends.

Lawrence Kansas Police Department/Facebook