German Shepherd Makes A Giant Snowball

“Watching her play with her giant snowball will make your day”

This German shepherd loves the snow so much that she made her very own super-sized snowball.

Sara Onderwater’s German shepherd loves snow days. She likes to play in the snow just like she’s a kid. And what is every child’s favorite thing to do in the snow? Build a snowman, of course.

So, is she actually building a snowman? Probably not. Even though she is so smart, she probably could. But she is rolling around a huge snowball making it bigger and bigger, just like you do when you build a snowman.

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And she’s having the time of her life while doing it. It’s clear this beautiful shepherd loves playing in the snow and that her icy cool soccer ball-sized snowball is her favorite toy of the season.

When Onderwater shared the video of her dog getting rambunctious with her snowball, it’s doubtful that she knew her pup would soon be melting hearts with her snowball. But since she shared it, the video has gotten nearly 17 million views.

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On the video, a voice that is presumably Onderwater’s is heard saying, “She’s actually making a snowball.”

Her dog is having a blast playing with the snowball. And she is making it bigger by pushing it around the yard. It’s fun to watch her have such a good time and it seems she just can’t get enough.

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The Internet can’t get enough, either. Her mom posted a second video of her still playing with her snowball in her backyard. But this video is playing to the tune of Do You Want To Build A Snowman from the movie Frozen.

The dog is simply adorable, and it was so cool of her mom to share her. Maybe next year she can enter a snowman-making contest. We hope you enjoyed her fun video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.


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