Funny German Shepherd Loves To Jump On The Neighbors Trampoline

“The way he runs laps on it first is hysterical”

Tucker the German shepherd and his owner love to go on walks but this dog’s walking routine includes jumping on a trampoline.

Tucker and his dad, Jason Martino, live in New Hampshire. They often go on walks and when they do, Tucker has a special thing he likes to do over at the neighbor’s house.

YouTube Screenshot

When they get close, Tucker begins to happily eye his dad as he looks toward the neighbor’s yard. It’s as if he’s making sure that Jason knows what he wants to do next, which is jump on the neighbor’s trampoline.

But on this walk, dad teases Tucker and tells him “no jumping today, no jumping, no jumping.” But Tucker is already veering off into the neighbor’s grass. He stops and gives his dad such a hopeful look that dad quickly changes his mind and tells him to “go ahead.”

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Those words are all it takes for Tucker to take off like a rocket across the neighbor’s lawn. In a flash, he’s inside the safety netting and running laps on the trampoline. Tucker is so happy he begins barking and then the funniest part happens.

The hilarious dog starts jumping on the trampoline just like a person. He pounces and pounces and is having a blast. When you watch him, you’ll probably wonder how Jason ever gets him to leave.

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Tucker is having a blast and what a super cool neighbor to let Tucker play on their trampoline. They are certainly making Tucker happy and obviously like him a lot to share with him like that. Wouldn’t it be great if all neighbors could be friends like that?

We hope you enjoyed this fun video of Tucker having the time of his life. Such a special dog and his owner is the best. As always, please feel free to share a little of Tucker’s life with your friends.