Stray German Shepherd Chooses The Perfect Person To Follow Home

“It was as if this stray dog was waiting to pick the person, she was going to allow to save her”

No one expects to be stalked by a stray dog but that is exactly what happened, and it changed this woman’s life.

Karen was out walking in her neighborhood one day when she felt as though she was being followed.

When she turned and looked behind her, she must have been taken by surprise because a German shepherd was trailing along behind her.

The dog was keeping a safe buffer between them but was clearly following her as she walked down the sidewalk. So, she took out her phone and took this video. When she stopped the dog also stopped, Karen knew something must be up.

It turned out that the dog had been dumped in the area four weeks prior, according to neighborhood security. Up until that day, she was so scared that she refused to let anyone get near or touch her.

Karen’s neighbors, security, and even the humane society had tried to help her, but the German shepherd was too skittish to let anyone close. “Everyone tried to catch her — humane society, neighbors, and security,” Karen said.

For some unknown reason, the scared dog must have felt safe with Karen because she chose her to be the one to save her. It took Karen some time and patience to coax her but soon the dog allowed Karen to take her home.

“I was the first one she allowed close enough,” Karen said. “I am really amazed at how these things happen.”

It was an amazing twist of fate that they met on the sidewalk that day because she had been thinking about getting another dog. You see, her golden retriever had passed away in 2019 and Karen had been thinking that it was time to get another dog.

The abandoned German shepherd touched her heart, and she immediately felt a connection with her. So, she named her Nala and gave her a forever home. It seemed that Nala’s willingness to take a chance to trust Karen was meant to be.

“Nala followed me and removed any fears I had [of] finally getting a dog. Sometimes you have a situation you think you’re not ready for, and fate steps in and says, ‘Umm, yeah, you are,’ said Karen.

Karen made this video to document their meeting and was surprised it touched so many people. She said, “I’m surprised my reel touched so many people, but so happy people care about rescue!”

It is so awesome that Nala found the perfect person to rescue her off the street. She is such a beautiful soul and never deserved to be abandoned the way she was. Thankfully, Karen was there to help save her.

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