Heroic Police Dog Moves These Judges to Tears

“Not only is this K9 a hero, but he’s also magic”

Dave is a police officer from Buntingford in Hertfordshire but on this day, he was not out policing the streets. Rather he and his K9 partner, Finn, made an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. And, it moved the judges to tears.

Dave is married and has a family but he spends most of his time with Finn. Finn is 9 years old, but he and Dave have been best friends since he was a puppy. According to Dave, Finn has him wrapped around his finger and knows precisely what he wants.

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But aside from being a working police K9, Finn has other talents. He’s also magical. On the show, he does something so amazing that he blows the judge’s minds and leaves the audience in awe of his skills.

When Finn arrives on stage, Dave has one of the judges named David write a random word down on a card. Neither Dave nor Finn can see the card. Dave then has David approach the stage with his card. Dave then turns away to hide his eyes while David shows only Finn the word that is written on the card.

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There is no way that anyone except Finn can see the word. So, when Finn walks over to Dave who bends down so Finn can seemingly whisper the word into Dave’s ear, everyone is left wondering what will happen next.

While everyone is riveted in suspense, Dave faces the judges and then shouts out the correct word, which is ‘table’. David then shows his card with the word table written on it. Everyone is amazed but this is just the beginning of the deep impression Finn will make on the people watching.

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You see, Finn is not only magical, but he’s also a hero. His connection with Dave goes much deeper than mind reading. He and Dave have been partners on the police force for seven years and have shared many experiences.

But on one especially harrowing day, Finn protected Dave from a man who tried to stab him with a 10” knife. Finn was stabbed and nearly lost his life protecting Dave. Dave hoped and prayed Finn would survive and, thanks to his vets, he did.

Not only did Finn survive, but he also went on to share an amazing life with Dave. And, on this stage, he shared once again just how special he is. He even had a word engraved on his collar before appearing on the show that Simon guessed correctly, once again leaving everyone astounded.

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Not only is Finn a hero, he truly is magical. The brave police dog now is an advocate for the prevention of animal cruelty as well as stiffer penalties for harming police dogs. Finn truly is our hero in more ways than one.

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