German Shepherds Protecting Children Compilation

“There is nothing that these dogs won’t do for the kids they love”

German Shepherds are all-around amazing dogs. Smart, loyal, and protective, there is a reason they are one of the most popular breeds in the world.

They can work for the police and military, in search and rescue, drug and bomb detection, arson detection, herding, airport security, personal protection, service dogs, and so much more.

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There is really not too much in the dog world that a German Shepherd can’t be taught to do. They are quick learners, love to please their handlers, and have a natural athletic ability that allows them to go almost anywhere.

Despite their strong work ethic, they also make great family pets and love to spend time with their people. Their devotion to their favorite humans is unmatched and there is nothing that they won’t do for them.

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Although they do make great pets, they will use their protective instinct to watch over their family. There is not much that can sneak past an alert German Shepherd dog, which gives most owners a lot of peace of mind.

Take the German Shepherds in this video, for example. They are happily chilling out with their people but also very watchful over the littlest ones. Whether they are working or chilling out, they are always observant.

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In one segment, a German Shepherd jumps into a pool to “save” a child from drowning. In another, one performs bite work with a little girl nearby who easily leads the dog away on a leash, demonstrating the dog’s gentleness with her.

In other segments, German Shepherds tenderly play with babies, watch over them, and protect them from anything that they think might become threatening. Only a fool would intend to do one of these babies harm while their dog is nearby.

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German Shepherds prove over and over that they are the best breed in the world. They do take some dedication, training, and socialization to raise them right, but they are worth every minute that is spent teaching them.

We hope that you enjoyed watching these beautiful Germans Shepherds protecting their kids. They are certainly special dogs that are devoted to their family. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.