Mom Hilariously Tries To Wake Up Her Two Sleepy Dogs

“It’s hard to imagine that these two are sleeping so soundly but they are!”

Waking up is hard when you’re a German Shepherd that has been worn out by playing with an adorable golden retriever puppy.

Rocky the German shepherd is sound asleep but he’s not alone. A sweet golden retriever puppy named Mia is also sleeping right beside him on the cool kitchen floor.

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When you see how soundly the two pups are sleeping, it’s easy to imagine that they’ve had a very busy day eating, drinking, pooping, learning puppy stuff, and playing with each other, probably nonstop.

Their mom decides to video a little experiment to show just how zoned out the two sleeping dogs really are. So, she sneaks into the kitchen and gets out some treats but that doesn’t rouse the two pups from dreamland.

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Next, she sneaks over to the dogs and places a line of treats right in front of their noses. Amazingly, the pups don’t move. They are zonked out and not even the smell of the treats can wake them up.

Then Mom watches and waits to see what will happen next. But nothing does. So, she kicks the prank up a notch by placing the treats right on the two dog’s noses. Certainly, this will instantly wake them up, won’t it?

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Mia stirs and a treat falls off her nose. For a second, it seems like she’s going to wake up but she only gets comfier and continues to dream whatever she is dreaming about. It must be a good one, that’s for sure.

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But the treat on the nose finally stirs Rocky. He opens one eye and notices his treats lined up on the floor. So, Rocky eats what treats he can reach without moving a muscle. Do you think he’s wondering if they are part of his dream?

Now that Rocky is awake, he decides to get up and eat the rest of his treats and his baby sisters, too. He has zero regrets that Mia will have no treats to wake up to and he is so hilarious as he strolls off, ‘nothing to see here…’

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We hope you enjoyed this funny video. Let us know if you think your dogs would sleep through that. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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