German Shepherd’s Reaction To Seeing The Ocean For The First Time

“This dog’s reaction to going to the beach for the first time is priceless. It’s as if he knew he was at a special place before he even got to see it.”

There is something special about going on a road trip with a German shepherd dog. Perhaps it’s the way they seem to enjoy, or maybe it’s the great company, but this pup is in for a big treat on this adventure.

Rocky the German shepherd is on a road trip and he’s clearly enjoying the ride. He looks out the car window surely anticipating where he might be going.  But, this time, he has no idea where because it’s someplace that he’s never been.

Miles of highway pass them by. The further away from home they get the more the landscape changes.  Soon, the view out the window is no longer recognizable and Rocky watches curious as to where they’re going.

In typical German shepherd style, he’s full of curiosity and ready for anything. But as he watches what’s going on, the destination doesn’t really matter.  As long as he and his dad are together, he’s a happy dog.

As they get closer to their surprise destination, surely there are plenty of new aromas in the air.  Rocky doesn’t know it yet but he’s about to see something amazing for the first time in his doggy life.

They finally arrive at the beach and already there is anticipation in the air. Rocky is so excited by all the sights and smells, that he can’t contain his happiness. He cries and hurries toward the beach curious about this new adventure.

They seem to walk through endless sand and then the moment his owner has been waiting for. Rocky gets his first glimpse of the sea and his reaction doesn’t disappoint. Rocky is more than ready to get closer and check out all the beach has to offer.

There is lots to explore and plenty of new things to see. But, nothing is as special as the first dip of his paw into the sea. As Rocky walks along the shore, he seems to be taking it all in at his own pace.

The beach is beautiful and there is a lot to enjoy. It’s a special place for all, including dogs lucky enough to visit. For Rocky and his owner, this is surely one of their best days and they’ve made lots of memories.

We hope you enjoyed watching their adventure and that it inspires you to plan your own, even if it doesn’t happen at the beach. Please feel free to share this video with your friends.