New Dog Moves In And Mom Becomes Third Wheel

“No doubt that sweet dog found the perfect family to adopt him”

After this couple lost their German shepherd, they decided it was time to open their heart and home to a new dog.

Soon an animal-loving friend sent them a picture of Rusty who was available for adoption from Miami Dade Animal Services. Rusty was adorable with floppy ears, just like their last German shepherd. As soon as they saw him, they knew they had to adopt him.

But, Rusty came with some warning labels. The shelter claimed he was not good with other dogs and that he acted aggressively. Undeterred, the warning made them want to save Rusty even more so they went forward with the adoption. 

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So, they brought Rusty home. It turned out that Rusty needed them as much as they needed him. He was a little scared of cars and there were some challenges to work out. But in a short time, Rusty was adjusting to his new home.

As Rusty got used to his family, it became clear he had a special place in his heart for his new dad. He loved to hang out and cuddle with his dad and slowly, his new mom was becoming the third wheel.

Rusty proved he wasn’t dog aggressive and was soon close friends with their old dog, Slayde, who preferred to spend his time resting. He even became friends with the two cats in the house and now had an entire family to love.

Rusty is a German shepherd mix and a big boy. He has mastered his head tilt. He loves to play ball but not fetch. He’s protective of his home and does everything in his power to keep his new family safe.

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But his mom says, if there was one thing she could change about Rusty, it would be that he would give her more cuddle time. He’s a love bug with his dad and even sleeps on him but his mom would love a little more of his affection.

We think Rusty is adorable and he’s so lucky to have found the perfect family to love him. The shelter was obviously wrong about his behavior and all it took was the right family to bring out the best in him and help him get over his fears.

We hope you enjoyed Rusty’s rescue story. You’ve got to admit, the special relationship he shares with his dad is more than adorable. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.