4-Week-Old German Shepherd Puppies Enjoy Their First Puppy Party

“If these cute puppies don’t give you puppy fever, nothing will”

No doubt, German shepherd puppies are adorable. It’s hard to imagine anything cuter.  Their floppy ears, fuzzy little bodies, and shiny eyes that are full of curiosity about everything they see make them irresistible.

They are also packed with personality, which makes them loads of fun. They’re so smart, even as young puppies, that they are easy to train. But, get ready because they also have tons of energy and never stop moving unless they’re sleeping or eating.

This basket of German shepherd puppies is no exception. Even though they are only four weeks old, they’re already growing into beautiful dogs that will one day be admired by anyone lucky enough to see them.

YouTube Screenshot

Here, they are anxious to get out of the basket and start exploring this new place they’re visiting. And, even though they are very young, they’re not scared, which is a testament to what a great job their breeder is already doing with them.

As they get taken out of the basket one at a time, they’re super curious about their new surroundings and quickly get busy sniffing everything they can get their noses on. They are alert, inquisitive, and love exploring.

Even though they are tiny, their determination is unstoppable as they chase a tug toy and play puppy pile. Their little tails never stop wagging and the fact that they are so engaged with this experience at such a young age just proves how smart they are.

YouTube Screenshot

Soon they are comfortable enough to give out some kisses, pull on clothes, and are enjoying all the attention they’re getting. All nine of them are surely enjoying their puppy party and having a great time.

It’s hard to imagine anything cuter than these puppies but then, all German shepherd puppies are adorable. These are simply irresistible, and we bet, you’ll be wanting to take one home when you watch the video, or at least you’ll want to be in the center of that puppy pile.

We hope you enjoyed this sweet video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends while these worn-out puppers take a nap.