German Shepherd’s Funny Reaction To Meeting A Cat For The First Time

“This adorable 68-pound puppy seems to be afraid of an 8-pound cat.”

German shepherds are big, brave dogs that are not afraid of anything. Except for this cat, apparently.

Your typical German shepherd is protective, fearless, and bold. They have a natural prey drive and love to chase things smaller than them, like squirrels, birds, and their ball.

They can be trained to get along with other pets in the house.  This usually requires some socialization and training so they learn that small animals living in the home are not to be tormented but rather, accepted as part of their pack.

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Take cats for example. There are plenty of German shepherds that live peacefully with cats and even have cat best friends.  But, some shepherds are just not safe around cats and do best in a home without any.

The beautiful German shepherd puppy in this video is meeting a cat for the first time. Uncertain of how the introduction will go, his owner carefully watches her 68-pound puppy to be sure it doesn’t harm the cat in any way.

However, she didn’t need to worry about that. As Tiger approaches the kitty, he doesn’t seem very sure of himself. In fact, he acts more like a scaredy-cat than the cat does as he slinks around the kitty pretending to be invisible.

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It’s fair to say that Tiger isn’t so sure about this kitty and gives kitty a lot of space. In fact, when he gets too close, he growls at the kitty as if he’s telling the cat to be sure to stay away. The cat just watches him as if it’s baffled about the dog’s behavior.

As his mom tries to lure Tiger with treats, she doesn’t allow the growling to go on. And even though by the end of the video, Tiger is getting used to the cat, it doesn’t seem like they will be besties on this day.

But Tiger is a good boy and surely, he will be friends with the kitty soon. In the meantime, the cat will probably have to prove that it’s not a threat to this brave German shepherd dog. The cat can probably teach Tiger a thing or two about how to build trust.

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What are your best tips for introducing a dog and a cat? Tiger’s owner seems to be doing a good job and even though Tiger isn’t too happy. He’s actually being a good boy and listens to his human when she corrects him and is much more relaxed by the end of the video.

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