German Shepherd Goes On A Shopping Spree And Buys Everything He Touches

“We’re wondering how he felt when he realized he didn’t get to keep all the toys and treats that he picked out at the store”

If your dog could choose a day out, where would your pup want to go? How about a shopping spree at the local pet store packed with all the fun toys?

Eiko the German shepherd is one special boy. He loves to go shopping at the local Petco. They even let him back inside after he peed in the store last time. Eiko is clearly excited about going shopping and who can blame him? This trip, however, is going to be a little different. This time, his owners are going to buy everything he touches. While this seems extravagant, they are doing it for a good cause. Because all the toys he picks out are going to be donated to a dog rescue located overseas.

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But, before he starts shopping, Eiko has a potty break. No one wants a repeat of his last wee mishap. After that, he gets to hit the store and start sniffing out all the things that make his big canine heart happy.

As his owners grab a cart, Eiko is already on the move and heading toward his first find. It doesn’t take long before he is loading up his cart. But before he can finish shopping, he takes a moment to say hi to a cute new friend.

After the meet and greet, it’s back to shopping. Eiko heads down some aisles and it doesn’t take him long to pick out some fun toys. Then in all the excitement, Eiko pees inside Petco, once again.

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As he waits for his dad to clean up the mess, he is already looking around at what he may want to pick out next. He scopes it out then heads straight for the treats, a couple more toys, and an antler chew.

But, the fun doesn’t stop there. There are more aisles to explore that are packed full of fun toys. Once after another, Eiko touches them with his nose and they go in the cart. And, although we’re sure he’s a generous pup, he must think all this is for him.

Last but not least, before they reach the checkout, he takes a stroll by the dog collars and chooses not one but ten.  But, he doesn’t stop there. He gets to choose some bully sticks and then it’s time to pay for all the loot.

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The total cost of his shopping spree? From what we could see on the register, it was close to $600. Petco also generously donated a bunch of dog tags.

That was an awesome fun idea. We’re sure that there will be plenty of happy dogs whose lives are enriched by the generosity of Eiko’s owners. But we wonder, Eiko must think all this is for him, right?

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