K9 Ory Demonstrates His Skills 

 “K9 Ory is the coolest and we think he knows it”

K9 Ory is not only impressive, but he’s also bilingual.

K9 Ory is a narcotics detection K9 with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. His handler is Deputy Andy McCrea.  In this video, the two of them are showing off their awesome crime-fighting skills.

Ory and Deputy McCrea spend hours training together. This keeps them sharp and prepares them for whatever situations they’ll encounter as they protect and serve their community. Ory love to train, as you’ll see here.

YouTube Screenshot

Deputy McCrea explains in this video that Ory responds to a mixture of commands in English and German. He flawlessly executes commands in either language and enjoys showing off how amazing he is.

But, all this training takes place because Ory has a serious job to do. Not only does he help keep dangerous narcotics off the streets, but he also helps find lost evidence and objects that suspects drop out in the field. 

In this training session, he easily detects an object with human odor on it. As soon as he finds it, he lies down to communicate to Deputy McCrea that he found it. For all his hard work, Ory is rewarded with his favorite tug toy.

YouTube Screenshot

According to the deputy, Ory enthusiastically shows up to do his job every day. He does it all for his favorite toys and a lot of “good boys,” that his handler is happy to lavish on him. But, we have a hunch that he might get some treats, too.

Ory is good at his job and has a strong work ethic. But at night, he gets to go home and enjoy life with his partner. McCrea says that once the day is over and they go home, Ory gets to relax and is a different dog.

We’re so thankful K9’s like Ory help protect the officers that serve our communities. Without them, their job would be much harder and a lot more dangerous. Stay safe out there, K9 Ory and Deputy McCrea. Thank you for your service.

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