How A German Shepherd Puppy And Golden Retriever Spend Their Day

“This puppy and his new big brother and super cute and having so much fun”

Two of the most popular dog breeds in the United States are German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers. Both are beautiful and active so it’s no surprise that if you have a chance to see them together, it’s nothing but cuteness.

In this video, an adorable 8-week-old German shepherd puppy named Rocky is playing with his new big brother, Leo. From the moment they wake up in the morning, they’re busy having fun and keeping Mom on her toes.

They have an adorable routine. The first thing each morning, it’s time for some scratches before going outside for a morning walk. Then once they’re ready, they hit the road and have some fun. Rocky is so cute trying to keep up with Leo.

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Leo doesn’t let Rocky slow him down, either. Rocky may be a little guy but Leo is determined to play fetch and have some fun while Rocky chases him around the park. Rocky eventually gets a little tired so Leo gets to play with Mom while Rocky watches.

Rocky enjoys all the new sights and sounds, including a flock of birds that surround him. Then, after all their fun, it’s time to go home and have some breakfast and then take a nap. It’s exhausting being this adorable, after all.

But after their naps, it’s time to play. Fortunately, Dad arrives and is happy to share his attention with them. It’s happy wags all around. After that, it’s time to play with each other and get some more attention from Mom.

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There is no shortage of love and affection going on in their household. Mom makes sure both boys get their share and makes time for training them together, too. After that, it’s time for another walk, even if Rocky decides he’s too tired to go on it and needs to be carried.

But eventually, he must get a second wind because it’s not long before he’s chasing Leo again. But this time he gets so worn out he must be carried again. That doesn’t last long though because the temptation of having more fun is too much as he’s off and running again.

These dogs are just the sweetest and so well-behaved. Their owners are doing an awesome job with them and watching them all interact is a joy. It will be so much fun watching Rocky grow up.

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