Military K9 With A Fierce Reputation Is Reunited With His Original Handler

“It has been four years since they had seen each other but the temperamental K9 walked right into her arms.”

Military dogs travel into some of the most dangerous and extreme environments in the world. They serve side-by-side and experience things that most people will never understand.

As a result, they share a unique bond that surpasses what most dogs and their owners share. They face challenging situations and rely on each other to stay alive while performing their duties and protecting the soldiers they serve alongside.

When Staff Sergeant Angela Lowe began working with a German shepherd named Szultan, the two began a journey together that took a lot of time and patience. She had to learn to trust a dog that had a reputation for giving bone-crushing bites.

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Sergeant Lowe was Szultan’s first handler. He was a grumpy dog that didn’t hesitate to show it. He left a lot of bruises and after he crushed her steel-toed boot, she knew that something had to change.

She decided that change would start with showing each other mutual respect. Sergeant Lowe and Szultan began to get to know each other and their special quirks. Szultan wasn’t an easy dog to work with and it took a lot of time to get to the place where they could work together.

They began to serve together but it eventually became obvious that their time together was coming to an end. Sergeant Lowe was beginning to have some health challenges that would eventually result in her needing back surgery and leaving Szultan behind.

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By that time, the two were closely bonded but she had no choice but to retire. Szultan belonged to the Air Force and was still expected to serve in the military. Despite their bond, it was time to go their separate ways.

It was a hard transition for her and she missed him a lot. A few years passed and she slowly began to lose touch with her military contacts and she started a new life in Pittsburg. It was there she unexpectedly received a message from Szultan’s current handler letting her know he was ready to retire and asked if she wanted to adopt him.

Because of his behavior issues, nobody else wanted him. She didn’t want him to be euthanized so she agreed but that decision posed some logistical and financial problems. But, thanks to Mission K9 Rescue, plans were put in place to bring Szultan home.

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Mission K9 Rescue decided to drive Szultan home to Angela. It had been 4 years since she had seen him and she was nervous and excited to see him again. Then finally, the call came that he had arrived.

Szultan was a little bewildered but walked right into Angela’s arms. He was now retired and going to be a much-loved dog who no longer has to put his life on the line every day. Soon, he began to relax and learn to enjoy his new life.

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