What Owing A German Shepherd Is Really Like

“This video is the sweetest walk down memory lane”

Can you relate? This couple got a German shepherd a couple of years ago and decided to compile this video about what owning a German shepherd is really like.

But we caution you before watching…this one is going to give you puppy fever.

Do you remember the days when your adorable German Shepherd puppy was just an innocent bundle of fur? No? We don’t either. And no matter how cute this puppy is, the way she attacks the dustpan is a reminder of what those puppies’ filled days are really like.

YouTube Screenshot

Puppy fur missile engaged…. not even the snow can slow this puppy down. But her dad does come up with an ingenious fetch toy perfect for the snow. Wonder how long it lasted? We have a feeling it was dust before the snow melted.

Then there are those hilarious early training moments when they try so hard yet don’t quite get it right. Doesn’t matter though, they do live to please and are so smart that they will one day perfect their skills.

But don’t forget how curious they are. That means nothing within reach is off-limits. Not even an air intake vent cover.

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There are also those very special moments of sweet cuddle times with German shepherd puppies. They are more than adorable too. Especially, when they take a break from biting the hands that are trying to hold them.

And don’t forget how they like to get into mischief: getting into ponds, or lakes, or even digging in their water dish. Their motto often is, the messier the merrier.

Then somewhere between puppyhood and adulthood, come the first glimpses of how majestic the German shepherd puppy will grow up to be. Still a bit gangly and lanky. Or maybe their ears still look a little too big. But in between it all, a graceful, athletic dog is emerging.

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And those are the days that are filled with fun moments and fond memories of all the firsts that you’ll ever experience with your amazing dog. The first trips to the lake, the first hike, and enjoying all sorts of adventures together.

In between all those fun times, there is lots of training, confidence building, socialization, and teaching your dog how to grow into their amazing future self. The early days are truly special and should be enjoyed.

We hope you enjoyed watching this special video and it inspires you to record plenty of memories of your dog because the time with them passes much too quickly. Please share this video with your friends.