Watch This German Shepherd Puppy Grow Up, 8 Weeks to 1 Year

“It’s amazing how much this puppy changes in one year.”

In honor of his 1st birthday, Saber’s owner put together this adorable video of him growing up. Enjoy watching him grow before your eyes from an adorable 8-week-old puppy into a 1-year-old.

The cute video starts out with a tiny Saber tugging on a towel. The little dude with the big paws is having so much fun and is not about to let go either.

Then it moves on to him playing with the neighbor’s dog through a chain link fence. Both pups are enjoying themselves and you can just tell Saber is already growing up to be a confident, happy dog.

YouTube Screenshot

Snacks are important to puppies and tiny Saber is also seen enjoying a big fat carrot. The crunchy carrot is no match for his sharp puppy teeth as he chomps away on it.

Of course, like most German shepherds, Saber has already learned how much fun a game of fetch can be. We’re sure he’s prepping for his future ball obsession.

As the video moves along, you can see the changes taking place in the cute puppy. He’s getting bigger, more coordinated, but he is still loving his ball.

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During these adorable early days, Saber enjoys lots of firsts: new toys, first bath, and even his first time humping his stuffie.

Like all German shepherd puppies, Saber is growing up fast. He loves running in his yard, playing ‘catch me if you can’ with his friends, and exploring all sorts of new things.

Before long, he doesn’t look like the same dog but one thing has stayed the same. He still loves his yellow ball and will do just about anything for it, including getting into the bath.

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As Saber matures, he begins to transform from a cute puppy to a handsome dog. He learns new skills and gets new privileges, such as playing in the park with his owner. He also performs new tricks and is a good student of his training.

Saber is a good boy and like all shepherds: fun, active, and curious. His owners adore him and spend lots of time training, playing, and taking him for walks. It’s clear that Saber is adored in his home.

His human siblings love to play with him and he’s such a good boy with them. They love to tug and run together, too.

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As Saber nears his first birthday, he has really changed. He has transformed into a beautiful boy and has lost a lot of his puppy looks. He’s a gorgeous dog with an amazing personality to match. He’s just the best boy and certainly deserves the big juicy steak he scarfs down for his birthday.

We hope you enjoy watching him grow up as much as we did. Please feel free to share with your friends.