He Couldn’t Resist Taking The Puppy No One Else Wanted And Now They’re Best Friends

“These two were meant to be together.”

His German shepherd had recently passed away and Scott wasn’t looking for another one but fate had other plans.

His German shepherd had passed away and he was depressed about it. He missed his dog so he decided to take a drive to clear his thoughts.

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As he was driving through a small farming town in Payette, Idaho, he passed a sign that said, “German shepherd puppies.” He didn’t intend to get a dog but thought that maybe visiting the puppies would help ease the pain of his loss.

He needed some puppy love so he pulled over. But there to greet him was a puppy that no one else wanted. The pup was the “odd man out” and had a hernia. Despite all this, the pup captured Scott’s heart so he took him home.

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He picked him up the little puppy and the rest is history. The two became instant best friends and the once unwanted puppy is now living his best life, which is packed full of outdoor adventures.

Scott named him Biggie. His favorite place to be is in the mountains. He loves to follow along behind the snowboard, play in the lake, and is never without his ball. Scott is 100% committed to giving Biggie the best life possible.

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He never takes Biggie for granted and says he helps his depression. The two are inseparable except when Biggie was in the ICU for a few days. Scott missed the dog and realized just how much they need each other.

Thankfully, Biggie is feeling better and, on his way, to total recovery. He and Scott have lots of adventures ahead of them and Scott says he’s never had a bond with another dog the way he has with Biggie.

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From being unwanted to being Scott’s best friend, Biggie is an adorable happy guy. Even though Scott wasn’t looking for a puppy, fate had other plans and the two were destined to be together.

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You can follow Scott and Biggie’s adventures on their Instagram | biggietheshepherd