Helpful German Shepherd Loves To Do Things For Her Family

“This dog has the most generous heart, ever”

When they adopted Anya as a 12-week-old puppy, they had no idea what a special little helper they were getting.

Since German shepherds are working dogs, it’s not surprising that they like to keep busy. But Anya takes her job as a working dog very seriously and even started to help her Mom around the house.

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No one trained Anya to do chores. One day, she just started helping wherever she could. It all began when she was a puppy and she started helping her mom take the clean clothes out of the dryer.

From there, the list of tasks she liked to do only grew. If her Mom was carrying in the groceries, Anya wanted to carry a bag, too. When it was time to take out the trash, she was right there to lend a paw.

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But carrying things isn’t all she loved to do. If someone drops something on the floor, she’s more than happy to pick it up. If you sneeze, she’s the dog who will bring you a tissue. If you’re working in the yard, she’ll help there, too.

Anya just loves to be near her family and do all she can for them. She shows her love by helping wherever she can. She’ll bring snacks, empty the dishwasher, vacuum the floor, and even play with the kitty.

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Whatever her Mom is doing, she tries to mimic. She’s taught herself to close cupboards, close doors, and follow her mom all over the house just waiting for a chance to be useful.

But Anya doesn’t only like to do chores. She likes to bring people things, like a bottle of water. But this sweet girl also likes to have fun. She loves playing with her toys and stealing cheese out of the refrigerator.

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Anya’s mom says she has a beautiful soul and we have to agree. She is truly a special girl and they are so lucky to have her. We hope you enjoyed her adorable video. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.